Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday 9/19 amtrak DAVIS TO LA, metrolink to RANCHO. Travel til 1030p.

Helped Sheridan  restock move arrange apt 207 from storage unit,home, Target. Great latte at Peets coffee. On my second one of trip. Brought my lunch bag on train. In last car on train.
 Can't tell yet who's o train just old people/ young people? 
Such a nice way to travel. Will have to try a sleeper w R ­čś┤ one of these days.
Stopped in emeryville didn't really recognized the station. Remembered the overpass and the red eyed devil.
Jack London (oak) looks ok a redevelopment area.
Guy sitting across the aisle rolled a cigarette to smoke at stop for Jack London, smoked it with a couple of other guys. The picked up a half smoke off ground tore off filter and lit it up. Drinking coffee and a smoke. 5 people get off 5 get on.  Some with large rolling luggage, others with medium to heavy backpacks. Lady one seT up and across from me. 9a eating sardines and crackers ? On a trai close company with others?
Remembered the road between San Jose and gilroy , after coyote river trail from San Jose.
Smoke stop in Salinas, a/c on train going good. Warming up outside.
All the way past Santa Barbara ate steak dinner about a 4, or a poor spires.  Ate dinner with a old guy going to a wedding in SD. A young girl on a transition program to go to Davis. Going back next week. A black guy from Tucson.  Sun is setting.ade to La union station kinda on time. Walked got a metro link ticket from machine 10.75. Walked to board with all the train info it's gone. On well walk to trains I saw pull in. In walk way electronic board track 7b. Went to track got on and away she went. Metrolink home then I walked home. Look what I found the next morning.

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