Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday 10/5/14 Four corners to ridgecrest, in the shadow of Mt.Witney.

Got up at 457a before alarm at 5. Rolled out of bed , turned alarm off. Went downstairs made coffee. Bryce my driver of RAV4 back from four corners not up yet. Fed dogs , bryce up. Went over check list, large water bottles in freezer. Coffee ready split it with bryce, 532a drove to JRs house. Crew all there drove to four corners had a burrito , had the waitress cut I half for later. 
Riding out 395 north with a fair size shoulder.  Slight up the whole way. 3 climbs today use granny gears. A lot of texas style desert . The climb by Ted mountain was tough. At that point started with the water thru the helmet trick. I know we were going to stop at Texaco I couldn't see a Texaco ? Then in johansburg there it was. Stop had more gatoraid. Rode down hill then looked to the northeast back up all the way. Granny gears worked great with the water in the helmet felt better. Turned off 395 to the town of ridgecrest street construction rode on the sidewalks for a while.

Went to dinner at a place across from motel. Then walked up the street to fast gas, got a gatoraid for tommorrow. A tall coors going down slow.

The plan for Monday is up and out of room at 4 at Denny's then a long ride up the valley.

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