Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday 10/6/14 80 miles kinda hot, headwinds at the beginning of Owen valley still desert no pines sandwich at gas station

Forgot to mention met a French cyclist no English started in Montreal , Canada went down thru Montana to Grand Canyon to Death Valley to  baja to Mexico to cancun. What a stud he was.

Got up at 330a, got called at 130 asking if john and I are ready? No go back to sleep! 
Left room at 4, ate at Denny's ate pecan banana pancakes 4 cups of coffee. Ride thru ridgecrest at 5. Hit 395 for about 20 miles rode the wrong way on the freeway on ramp whle it was still dark to make it to a side rode along the 395 hiway. 
Stop at shell for restroom stuff , met two  black  pit bulls that I guess stYef there ??? Big pups. Back on road into the headwind and a slight uphill slant.
Rode to the town of coso junction, had a sandwich coke chips in the wind. Rode up Owen valley past Owen lake to lone pine. Staying at best western with one oft cycling pals Matt. Honing to walk to dinner rest up for tommorrow mt pass climb. 

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