Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday 10/8/14 hard bed closet size room common bathroom down narrow, "whitey" in a van.•••And Thursday !

Started in toms place lodge which means 
Small rooms with normal size furniture. The room was smaller than sheridan dorm room by half. 
Ate across the street at cafe surly waitress Ste before showering. Got there 830p went to cafe 845 closes 9.
Left there for a ride 40 miles. Desert like landscape used my spare water bowl as a spritzer most of day, in the 80s. 
Got to eat at whola helle deli at the entrance of the back side of Yosemite. Got the buffalo meatloaf, delish. Rode to town wanted a room not a campsite BUT  went with the pack. Stay at a nice RV park set up tent walked into town had pie for dinner, still full from lunch, glad we all went to town a weather front passed over ip the wind was blowing hard. Had dinner went to camp wind had stopped. Slept ok got cold a few times should had used the liner/ camp booty in sleeping bag. The moon was very bright. Camp quiet except for farting and laughing . In the morning went to same restaurant rode to twin lakes. Tough 22 miles to twin lakes from Bridgeport . Got into camp in a room with Matt, john JRs work friends and pals from when JR was a .
Ate delicious TRI tip hot links corn. And 2 beers. All good.

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