Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loopy Seattle, July 23, 2015

Up early fed dogs, made coffee, awaken Ramona.  Little traffic to ONT, went to wrong terminal, used to terminal 4 for Sheridan, loop around airport to terminal 2.  Went to maybe get a magazine they have NEW YORKER for $7.99??? Wow no thanks.  Popular attire for men is the cargo pants w many pockets.
  Don't know if I like flying anymore it's terror!  Drank ice water didn't eat snack on plane.  Wandered thru airport looking for light rail finally asked the wine merchant he walked me about 50 yes to exit and gave me instructions. 
Rode light rail along MLK blvd, thru a large Asian community then it went underground. 
Paid 6$ for all day. Was going to take city tour But went to REI  and spent that. 
  Recharging iPhone outside REI. 
Went or walked to the Seattle center, where the space needle is. Ate lunch had pizza. I tried to walk to Pike s market. Kinda of zoo with fresh flowers, fish, artsy stuff. 
Talked to Sheridan while she was going to work about trying new study, so I went to a Thai restaurant with no Thai there? A 6 for the pad Thai , the latte a 3. 
 Washed my clothes hung them up dry in the AM. 
At this m6 they have remodel the room, the bathroom is the same size as the bedroom and a " large screen TV" but no HD. Oh well 

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