Friday, July 24, 2015

Loopy Seattle July 24, 2015

Slept last night pretty good with a trick Bryce and I use..... TV on the whole night. Latte from Jaspers coffee right in front of m6. Headed out at 730a a full day.
Back to room 113 @ 1147p. Wows full day.
Wore my new shoes I got from REI. Rode to train station to see if Bike was there it was! Went back to motel to get helmet and changed shoes back to my sandals. Took some pictures of art at downtown bulidings. Rode back to motel from train station. Got lost then recovered. Phone was dead as soon as I left train station.  Starbucks headquarters building. Took train to baseball game. Made it back to room thru light drizzle, didn't melt.

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