Saturday, July 25, 2015

Loopy Seattle July 25,2015

VBig Awoke at 530a,10a meet a fishermen from Alaska had work coffee in the office of motel6. Wearing same shirt as last night. Had a big breakfast at Denny's about 3/4 miles south. Had work coffee, can't believe all the hub bub about the coffee.
Walked back reloaded bike. And out the door to light rail train. Held the bike in the aisle.
Rode bike out of Seattle. Wrong directions twice that is frustrating. Crossed over 1st bridge. Saw a business w HAZEL on it. Rode along the inter urban trail. Have been looking for b of A. Seen one place, too any guys hanging around. Stayed at our first church of the trip. Had chicken tacos near church, weren't as good as the gas station tacos.

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