Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4/1 Rancho to LaSierra metro to Oceanside transit center to old town transit center to bike path to motel6

Toted heavy bike around so cal.   Saw the metrolink people kick a guy off at Anaheim canyon  stop, he had no ticket.

2 young girls all dressed up. Got off and on twice. were not sure it was the right train to SJC, when the train people kept saying Oceanside.

Got off at Oceanside heard a dodger fan ( knit hat , scarf, jacket all dodger stuff ) talking to someone "telling them he had no more money to get a ticket to San Diego ". So I bought him a ticket for 5$.  Then watched  him get on the surfliner  instead of the coaster ? Oh well.

Rode to pacific coast hwy from train station. Turned left onto bike path about 1/4 mile to motel 6.

Staying poolside.  Got food and gear ready for AM.  Pizza for dinner.

Thinking about moving gear front to back, back to front??

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