Friday, April 18, 2014

4/18 into the wind, east El Paso to Ft Hancock , border fence, chasing texas dogs, a church display down main st.

Ate days inn eggs, English muffins, OJ ,coffee.  Hit the road Friday light traffic.turn left on loop drive. Watched the  towns change from fancy to flat out poor.  But always a 7/11 and gas station every 1/4 mile. Lots of pecans orchards. Not that many border patrol cars as arizona. Wanted to check google maps  but no service, it said movie star ??? Waited a few miles and closer to freeway, bingo, Att. 
Came to Knox st which the hotel is on and a church was reenactment of Palm Friday. Waited until they turned onto a side gravel road then to hotel.
Tommorrow to van horn. Weather is windy with a 30% chance of rain. Will see  on the road.

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