Thursday, April 10, 2014

4/9 Tempe to Globe, nope, started at 430a, arboretum , chillin in office.

430a, wanted a early start.  Phoenix is having a summer heat wave hottest this year. Had bike ready last night. Left it was all quiet. Rode down Apache blvd for a while.  Finally got on 60 frwy started to Globe. Went up Gonzales grade. Was about 1130ish overheated , pit water on head. Was ok continued on. Hot overheated again pulled into yard near the Boyce Thompson arboretum
 met there dog. Asked if I could sit in shade a while. Lady said sure . Talked s while met her husband asked the the drama to get to globe? Up up up about 3 hours worth. I knew there was a motel kinda trashy in town of superior. 
Went over to the desert arboretum checked my phone for weather it was 90 at 1. So I cool down the last 2 hours at there house.  The lady said I could stay in the office if I like I said sure. Showered chilled baseball on. 
Gonna cut distances in half. Since it's do hot hot.

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