Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4/30. Happy birthday to ME, BIKE GEAR, Texas winds, fire at waterfall, QUAKES VERSUS THE 60 SIXERS IN SAN BERNARDINO., jug oh beer, IRA stuff , lunch a steer and stein, pool time later?

Arose to the texas style winds that I rode against for a few week on my bike trip.  Backyard canopy is almost toast. Took down roof cover, then it kinda collapsed on itself. Will see if it works.!
Today game on San berdo at 11a ahhhhh too windy. To sit out and watch a game.
Looked around a different cycle places for a flat spot bars. Will see.
Went to get jug of beer, went to Armstrong nursery near dale bros. a lot  of plants BUT kinda hi I'm cheap. 

Next bike trip???  San Diego ( padres)?
San Fran ( giants/As)?

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