Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4/2 bang boots, 5am,rain/wind advisory,winter warning,xing the San Diego river 5x

Never a dull moment at any m6.  Last night as I was chilling. I heard a deep soft moan coming from the connect room door.  I thought MURDER. Due to all the trials, locked up show I've seen.  Nah they were banging boots for close to a hour. Finally quieted down. Got up at 630am had gear everywhere.  Made some hot water for oatmeal, tea, went to office to get FREE coffee. It was raining! ? Do I stay or do I go? Check local news, clear and sunny by afternoon I'm going 
Rode up to alpine no problem, kept checking map directions. Weaves thru to alpine, thought about Bryce and me s ride up Harris grade and the smile sign but no smile sign. Wore just t shirt and safety vest. Pulled over about three times to take a leak, then just went on the road, where I stood like a traveler.
Eaten a PBJ sandwich, mm s, payday, bought some chips, and a beer. I'm good just chillin 

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