Sunday, April 6, 2014

4/6 Salome to wickenburg AZ, ate first, battle the wind, up a little kicker, lunch at woody s kinda.

Walked across street to cafe. Wanting some food before I start, thinking FUEL at 630a. Nope only coffee until 7a. Pancake sandwich , I'm ready? Back to room roll out at 730a. Kinda late. Rolling along with a slight breeze, turns toward me, rest of ride. A couple of old closed trailer parks or rv parks. A pecan orchard .saw two different toad walkers going west with me going east. I said hey didn't sot nor slow down. Road was straight arrow across valley.
Desert flowers blooming , nice. Octillo with red flowers on its tips, remind me of my dad, who had bought one from arizona to plant on his front yard. 
Finally got to Aguilla , stopped at woody s a gas station bought a Pepsi and 2 small hostess cupcakes. Ate a PBJ. Delicious . Got back on the 60 frwy for 3 hours.
Finally got to town pretty spread out . Keep riding didn't see the best western kept going then stopped. Checked map for street address. Kept riding found it finally by cutoff. Walked in with3 touring BMW riders 2 rooms ready 1 stil being cleaned oh no!
But when my turn the lady said no problem your room is ready. So to the room shower with travel clothes on.  Walked to grocery store Round the corner. Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, coconut water, ensure, banana, ice cream. Best meal so far. 70 miles to Tempe . Sunrise start.

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