Friday, April 11, 2014

4/11 70 miles long day in the saddle, crossing the reservation, a ice cream to the rescue, met a warm shower host, guy McD s said hey surfer.

Started at 5a awoken at 3.  Was going to start but waited until 5. At the casino a very nice stay. Well kept/maintained. Rode the white line all day. Or 8" left of road and between rumble strip. Pretty scare of business along road until very end of trip. Ate snacks all day. Had a burger and ice cream around 1230p. At the Taylor Freeze met rick a guy who is a warm shower host, Boy Scout leader, and next week a race coordinator for a mini TRi for about 1200 kids. Gave me some campspot ideas for the next couple of days.  Called hotel made reservations. Rode about  45 minutes in the heat to hotel. Showered wash put clothes. Went to walmart for supplies. Back to room to chill. 
Up up up tommorrow NO CELL COVERAGE.  To the town of three way or beyond to a better campsite, then on to buckhorn. Monday ride to a hotel on silver city.  During this leg will enter NEW MEXICO.
But high winds are scheduled tommorrow so...will see 

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