Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4/8 wickenburg to Tempe, up since 4a, had tv on watched scary movie so silly, 6a start, subway, white haired people driving big cars/ mini vans, rode from nw to de phoenix .

Had tv and all lights on in motel room , a trick I learned from son son. Awoke early made hotel coffee in room spilled it all over, overfilled water. Added sugar and dry creamer, terrible coffee.
Rode out at 6 crossed over old road turned into pedestrian walk way. Didn't eat would eat at subway down the road. Added vest to normal clothes , plus a head bandana . 
Slight quarter headwind all morning, slight downhill had to pedal. 
Stopped at subway at 830a  rode toward sun city. A road cyclist caught up with me talked for 30 minutes. He turned off. Kinda cool. 
In Surprise, AZ the traffic picked up with the people of sun city. Began to worry that they would crowd me no bike lane at time busy commerical area. But all good. Map finally said to turn on 111 st. Which I weaved thru del webb s original sun city. Came to bike path, the journals said it was a problem but it was not. Met another road cyclist who rode with me. Made it down to Maryland st xing. Which I turn off path the roads. Rode thru wrigley terrace area very nice. All landscape nice.zig zag thru , now hood.knew I had to cross the river to ASU. Came to river direction were not that clear. Made it across but not where the map said . Saw signage for tourist office went there check on directions. Rode/walked thru campus, during when the students were on the move.
Found hotel , grocery store. Rest day on the first really hot day in Tempe. Mailed stuff home. Got haircut. Fill tires on bike. To get ready for push to globe,  stafford ,3way,buckhorn ,silver city, and on and on.

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