Thursday, April 3, 2014

4/3 from Alpine to Brawley, from mountains to yuha desert to AG land

Got up at 5 started oatmeal in bathroom. Got gear ready, went to the office for coffee 2 cups. Checked weather channel for weather " looked good" so I left before sunrise.  Up hill from the start. Walked a bit , dressed like it was cold it was not pealing it off. Up I went, checked map again. Walked a bit. Rembered some guys did this all in one day WOWZER!  
So decided to ride all day, and see what happens. Checked map again yup stil up it was like Harris grade rd all day. But no smiley face. 
Finally stopped in jacumba poor town, right next to border fence ( reddish and  at least 2 story tall with border patrol were the cars passing me all day.
Checked messages got one from AT&T said well abroad listed all the data plans packages. Maybe because I was so close to our neighbors Mexico.
As I ate my sandwich, chips, dr pepper a old white lady sat by me. With much fanfare. Dear lord my legs, gotta rest them. A younger guy who hasn't washed his hair in a while appeared.  When the old lady talked about help her out, I ignored her, younger smiled and said what? I got up a left.
Checked map, still going up and finally 7 mles of I-8 freeway got about 30 mph.
Checked map still on I-80, desert  on all sides past by Imperial Lakes which was a  private water ski place.  
Checked map I thought I had enough daylight to get to Brawley , missed it by about  1 hour.
Sunrise photos, shade of me at a test stop,sun going down.

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