Monday, April 21, 2014

4/20...4/21. Easter 20 days of riding I be had enough. Calling it In Texas.

20 days of wearing bike shorts all day light hours, I'm toast. So I've called the ride in Van Horn Texas. Saddle sores all day 80 and head winds. The desert is nice and the climbs/ headwinds are fine in a car but trouble on a bike. 
Most days it's 60-80 miles from dawn to near 5 each day.
At breakfast on Easter morning up at 5a got gear ready rode to mcdonalds for breakfast and a coffee. Thinking at least 2 weeks of this ?bulshit I'm done. I always keep my room card so back to room to figure out how to get back.
I plan will be rent a uhaul to take back to rancho. Called uhaul hot a reservation . It's Easter do they are closed. 
So it's 830a gonna wander over to uhaul see if I can't get things started. Will see what happens

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