Thursday, April 10, 2014

4/10 superior to casino, early start?, hill, overheated, 18 wheelers at the mine,JIB.

Was going to leave early, woke up at 3a, nah it is very dark and the trucks are rolling down the highway. So I put together the gear and waited for sunrise at 6. Left at 530a.  Thru town, lots of PIckup trucks going to work on the road.  Road started going up I thought oh boy I would not have made this ride yesterday after the heat up. Made thru both tunnels and past the copper mine. Didn't get any pics  concentrating on riding  a heavy touring bike at 3 mph.  Stopped at each turn out  rested and took a slug of water, thanks jack for the tip yesterday to recover, then go on. Instead of riding the whole thing.
Made it into Globe saw a sign for McD s , saw Jack first pulled in. Breakfast jack, OJ, coffee.
Need to go about 7 miles east of town. Pulled into casino. To stafford tommorrow. Being Friday hope the miners leave me a room.  Will see.

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