Thursday, April 17, 2014

Las cruces to El Paso TEXAS

 Ate breakfast at days inn at 6 sharp. Hit road at 630 was still dark at 6. Weaved thru a bunch of little towns . Got close to El Paso all the businesses were Spanish for about a hour then switched to rancho style all the same stores with the sprinkle of other business. Climbed up a gradual mount for the next 45 minutes then past UTEP. Now thru downtown next to border put of downtown back to like east LA.  Now mall after mall Where I am now at.
Have bike shorts already in sink to clean. Shopping next ? Dinner?  Ice cream?
Made it to the days inn check Dan gas there for one room he said he looked at his computer and said I have two options third floor in the back we don't have an elevator or I can give you the first floor right down here by the traffic interesting

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