Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14 San Lorenzo b4 the climb over emery pass,windy, they have deer the size of zebras, san Rita open pit copper mine,met Sonja going over pass at 130p, no at$t service in valley.

Made it to San Lorenzo , NM about 130p. Located rv park , cafe, senior center. Set up tent not sure if it will hold during heavier winds. Will see. Ask manager about common area ( in the office out of wind) it closes at 5. Walk back toward highway to cafe had lunch. Walked to senior center for wifi since Att does have coverage. 
On the way here from silver city it was hilly. Up and down. Made turn to 152 again up and low gear back up crawling.  
Went by San Rita open pot mine, copper . Kinda of neat it's real deep. Landscape has changed to alpine not desert. Nice. Saw a dead deer on the side of the hi way. 1 hour later 3 doe s were eating a bush near hiway, I scared them they took off they were as big as zebras. Hope note to hit one on one of theses downhills. The lady who works at the store said near the top of emery pass there are free range cattle so be careful. I told her I would. The place if a star rv park.

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