Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/19. fort Hancock to van horn,

Left hotel at 630a ended at 5.! The sky was cloudy to start out this morning. Had to put my jacket on 3 times during the morning part of ride. Back into zag land and border patrol. Got onto the freeway then a side toad to head toward Vanhorn, with a lunch subway stop in sierra Blanca . Along way saw a bunch of light up the road thought it was the border patrol stop but no it was a 18 wheeler that flipped in the wind. Made it thru  border stop and started looking for the town in between those two mountains it's what the map said . Finally got there sat down for a sandwich combo and two pay days for the ride . Saw a couple of long trains go buy really long.  Asked the young guy at the subway gas station c store about the other cyclist that stopped there . He said a old man that looked blasted stopped and rested there for 3 hours before leaving asked him about Aron and the girl had not seek them. Got almost to m6 when the clouds turn into s good trenching washed bike clothe over ran sink whle I showered. Got a couple of extra towels to dry clothes and carpet. Ate McD s and went to dollar store for snacks for the ride to marfa. Then onto alpine .

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