Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4/15 up over the highest part of trip, cafe stop on Hillsboro, slight slight downhill , cabin , huff it to hatch for a room.

Started at 7a it was 32 this morning. After a cold night ready to break down tent had gloves on kinda hard to work. Moved bike over to club house to load bags on . Had all my blotches on. Rode to cafe/ store.  Had eggs and bacon and to warm up. Ate ready to conquer emery pass.  4 1/2 hours later was to the top. It was supposed to be 17 up and 17 down. Right out of San Lorenzo it started to go up.  Finally pasted the campgrounds , got to the switchbacks then the top. Anti climated. There was a van motor home parked at the top. But no one around. Started down. The winds had picked up Headeinds. The whole way down. Stop for lunch at a cafe in Hillsboro , had the special. The place was busy with colorful locals and tourists. Started the final push against winds to caballo lake. Stopped and chatted to 2 English gentlemen . Very good info on where I was going.. Made it to lake caballo tv park. Went to office to get a cabin. He just rented it 5 minutes ago , damn. The English guys said the tent site was by the propane tank, went over to check site. Wow the place sucks. It the wind exposed, gravel, slight incline , no clubhouse area. Aghhh. A older guy pulled in asked of he knew of any hotels in area. He said there was one in hatch. About 17 miles away. It was 430p. So 2 1/2 hours in to the wind . To Hatch. Found hotel checked in. Walked across street the dinner and bed. The morning at 645a it's 45.  
The ride today is to Las Cruces,NM

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