Friday, April 4, 2014

4/4 fields of AG, ends with fields of AG

Last night got to Brawley late 830p from alpine, didn't get a restful sleep. Wondered how today would be ?
Today was from Brawley to Blythe. Less than yesterday. 
Aye a small bowl of scrambled eggs, hash browns, two cups of coffee. Alarm went off at 5, wanted to leave after breakfast. Left at 630a , ended ride at 5. Quiet AG roads until glamis. Put headphone on all day was a rough haul.  Past a mine I think east of glamis.  Saw a coyote at one of my stops. The road was 
Downhill most of time, had to pedal . Meet two walkers out in the desert, they said they were on there way to Denver. Hi blue sky out there it was hot.  Stop at the border patrol checkpoint to fill up water 
 He asked that I take lids off. Did. Saw that they had a small car with the trunk open all doors open just like TV shows. 
Call for room while I was in Glamis. Next spot will be shalome, az. 70 miles with some up to it. 
Photos at sunrise in Blythe , AG land, glamis, mine, out there in desert, Colorado River 

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