Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4/8 rest day in Tempe, arizona...errands to starbucks, FedEx,Tempe bikes,supercuts, Campus store, Safeway, re pak gear.

Awoke on day off at 430a. Toss and turn withTV on. Around 7:30a walked to starbucks. Grande latte, just hung out for a while.  Lots of college types. Kids and adults. Went back to room at super8 sorted gear walked to FedEx. Mailed home 2 frig magnets and extra gear, kept my tent til Texas maybe. Walking back pasta supercuts decided to get a haircut. Now ready to go get bike to re inflate tires. Rode on sidewalk the whole way.  Got to bike store pedal cut left ankle oh boy!  On the way back past campus store with all things ASU. Maybe another magnet? Walked around didn't find any. Asked the gal what the price of the tank top short is it was priced at 20$. She was   Bryce height with her heels on. Proportion well BUT when she spoke her voice was heavy. I thought GUY . Whatever, she said the sale is 20% off I said ok and left.  Walked to Safeway to get drinks for tommorrow. Globe next city 80 miles.

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