Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/12,4/13 80+miles stafford to silver city, NM. Too pooped to pop

Left stafford at 615a, ate a little at hotel. Rode to threeway. The city was running a ride/race  at the turn they had warning flags up. At threeway they had a full on race stop snacks, water, EMTs, police. The police blocked traffic on the turn. 
Made a wrong turn went straight instead of left Jacob a stafford resident , civil engineer from arizona state who works at the mine helped me get back on track. Thanks Jacob.
Made the long road to silver city took until 930p I thought I could make by dark but took a little longer. Wiped out took a zero day to recover. Started feeling better around 3. After McD s at 8 , back to room then to albertson s. On the  way back met Aron who I talked with maybe 1/2 hour. He is also riding the southern tier.  No see him out there, we both agreed, I just could go today.
Back to room gear check . Went to walmart for some travel laundry soap. Re pack tonight for the next campsite in San Lorenzo.  The next day is over Emory pass and the wind. Riding hiway180 to 152 on over. 

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