Saturday, April 5, 2014

4/5 Blythe to Salome,Az. 5mph on 10 freeway, peeing on freeway, McDonalds the new walmart, these desert people and the yard sales, 2small dogs start to chase but stopped short.

Started am with a large coffee from circle k from the corner.  Got the drinks ready for the day.  Packed up. Headed under freeway to bike path beside freeway bridge, of course at the base of bridge there was a homie camp set up bit no homie. Rode fast thru homie camp. Sun already up wanted to start As sun was rising . Oh well. 
Entered freeway for twenty miles.  Rode thru truck stop no problem. Trucks /cars gave room all day.  Got off frwy to McD s  another desert homie at McD s locked bike in place. Got two sausage biscuits , reg size drink, coffee.  Every old white looks like SANTA , fat, beard, acting kinda weird.  A young Hispanic women came in PJ s. I had my own little area. Maybe because I've already rode 20 miles and no deodorant. Got a sweet tea refill and a lady was putting small pieces of candy cane in tea. Asked if I wanted one said sure , couldn't really taste difference.  More Santa like people came.  I left for more frwy .
Left the 10 for the 60 highway. Rode across the desert valley then over a small hill to Salome.  Ate across street at only place.  Remembering every semi open/ close diner has a sign prime rib?  Ordered a  burger , potatoe salad, Pepsi, and ice cream. 8/ 9 cars/ trucks out front , I'm the only one on there the rest are in the bar.  Are then back to room to get offy feet,watching final4 , so do.  This place been  been here before the war.  

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